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Newsflash: Systemic racism still exists in the workplace. Over half of black employees have felt racism at work. The saddest part is that the workplace culture for African Americans has not changed much over the over the years. It still reeks of unpleasant interactions, feelings of inferiority, and lack of belonging (especially for Black women). With such a broken culture, it begs the question: “How does the Black women find her way?”

Is Your Company Really Committed To Cultural Diversity?

The token diversity and inclusion platforms companies promote have done very little to truly equal the playing field. We would not see the disheartening numbers surrounding Black women and career progression if these initiatives presented stellar results. These efforts to increase diversity are not adequately addressing the degree of the issues faced and merely serve as a “check-the-box” activity. Until we see a major shift in the numbers for black women representation, I would argue that as a whole some companies are not fully committed to cultural diversity and those that are have difficulty implementing what it truly takes to bridge the cultural divide.

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